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Brock + Cara

Brock + Cara

He took her to a hidden waterfall where their son handed her a note reading: Mummy will you marry my Daddy?  The wedding of Brock and Cara with a special guest Harlem!

Feature song – Avalanche City – Love, Love, Love

Celebrant – Clarah Luxford

Photographer – Jolly Josh White Pearl Photography

Venue – Mantra Kingscliffe


WOW we absolutely love love love it so many priceless memories within this 7 minutes its amazing I watch it everyday and it still brings me to tears thankyou for all your hard work we are extremely greatfull for the memories to show our children and grandchildren one day.

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Luke + Bree-Anne

Luke + Bree-Anne

Laughter is good for the soul! Luke and Bree-Anne what a couple!  We could just hang out filming them all day, it was such a wonderful ceremony and great photo shoot all shared with the great Anne-Louise from Possum Creek Studios

Featured song – Andrew Allen – I want you

Ceremony – Harry Oakman Pavilion Roma St Parklands

Celebrant – Krista Webb

Reception – Melange Café Roma St Parklands

Rob and Barb we cannot thank you enough! You brought us both and everyone else who has watched it to (happy) tears.  I’m currently watching it for the billionth time.  It is amazing! The video by itself speaks volumes of just how talented you are.  We are SO grateful that you were able to be a part of our day and capture it the way you did! Mr and Mrs Hart ;-)

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Glenn + Lauren

Glenn + Lauren

Every day is exciting when travelling the world for Glenn and Lauren, however your wedding day is the start of your greatest journey together. 

Featured song l Andrew Allen – My Love

The Church l St Augustines Church in Coolangatta

The Reception l Oscars at Burleigh Heads

The Photographer l Van 'the man' Middleton : )

I cannot thank you enough for this sneak peak. I just love it. I love the little moments you have found and I love the inclusions of the speeches. I seriously cannot stop watching it! There were many tears from the family and dad loved it. He is very chuffed that some of his speech is on there. I actually think all the lines from the speeches making it in there is one of my favourite things about it. honestly I think i have watched it 100 times already and can't get enough so thank you so much. I feel like there are so many little details in there! xx lauren and Glenn

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Ben + Brittany

Ben + Brittany

Every girl is looking for their own superman,Brittanyfound hers in Ben : )

Featured song I Imagine Dragons – On Top of the World

Venue – Coolibah Downs

Celebrant - Ron Hill

Photographer - LM Images 


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