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Joshua + Stephanie

Joshua + Stephanie

The circle of love, physically and literally was Joshua and Stephanies’ wedding at BelongilBeach.  Such a wonderful ceremony where the chairs where placed in a circle giving everyone a closeness to the couple as they said there vows.

Featured song I One Republic I something I need

Barb thank you guys soo soo much! I am just over the moon about this video! I can't wait to see the rest of it! You guys and Sophie were just incredible and we are so lucky that we found you all!! I am telling everyone that is getting married that they definitely need to get it videoed! I can't remember towards the end of the night lol so I'm looking forward to seeing it all again :) Stehanie and Josh



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Andy + Kate

Andy + Kate

FUN FUN FUN, would be the way we would describe this couple. Andy and Kate married on a stunning autumn day with crisp blue skies and hardly a breath of wind. 

Feature song l Avalanche City I Sunset

The amazing Rob and Barb! Words cannot express the gratitude and happiness we feel about our video.  You’ve gone above and beyond what was expected and were such a fun & vibrant part of our wedding day – you guys are infectious!  We have been big fans of your work for sometime now, so we know the quality & superior talent of your work – there’s no comparison.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with our videos and would check your website for new videos often.  Our video is just spectacular.  You could not have done anything better.  WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it.  Thanks so much again, for a memory that will last forever. Lots of love, big smiles & hugs.  Kate & Andy.

We never realised the importance of a wedding DVD until we discovered Fisheye.  To have your entire wedding day as a memory to keep forever is priceless.  It is the best thing we decided to do & we are so grateful for the final product.  We are so happy – and can’t stop watching it.


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Luke + Amanda

Luke + Amanda

The Wedding is a love story, the union of Luke to Amanda was always going to be beautiful, two creative minds, making for a quirky and very cute match. 

Featured songs I Angus Stone I clouds above + Ludwig Goransson I If I die before you

BARB AND ROB! ITS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN ONLY EXPLAIN HOW I FEEL IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i freakin' LOVE IT. you guys the bomb. xoxoxoxoxoxox

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Asa + Jenna

Asa + Jenna

The wedding of Asa and Jenna, was celebrated with a literally journey of passages from our finest writers. 

Featured song I Avalanche City I Love,Love,Love

'Haha we found it before you even emailed!!! We we're refreshing your website every few minutes!!! Absolutely LOVE the trailer, you guys are amazing and captured the theme of our wedding day perfectly!!! I particularly love the little details you captured (I.e. maple trees), Koda looking so handsome and all the interactions between Ace & I! Off to show the family now!!! :) Jenna x''

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