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Les + Kristy

Les + Kristy

Falling in love is unique! She found the one…then Les and Kristy married on an island!

Featured song l Coldplay - Life in technicolor, Feeder – Feeling a moment

An Island Hideaway

Celebrant - Gary Taylor

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We filmed a 'fire dance' ceremony in Ubud, Bali.  Such a wonderful night.

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Matele + Katrina in Bali

Matele + Katrina in Bali

The Bali Wedding… Terima kasih…Matele and Katrina married in Bali.  This beautiful couple had a wonderful gathering of family and friends for days before and after their wedding at the majestic Pantai Lima Resort.  Their wedding day was filled with beauty, creativity and lots of love on the shores on Bali.
Thank you both for inviting us to your wedding day, it truly reminded us what a special occasion your wedding day is and the promise you make in front of your family and friends.  Love and Happiness Rob and Barb.

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Ricki + Leanne

Ricki + Leanne

Super heros should never mess with the Bride...Loads of fun with Ricki and Leanne.
Featured song I jonsi - where no one goes
Photographer - Josh White Pearl Photography : )
Venue - Intercontinental Sanctuary Cove
Celebrant - Joshua Witthers
Music and Lighting - D J Solutions

I am totally lost for words ! Thank you so so much for putting together such an amazing trailer cannot wait to see the full version! I've sat and watched it 4 times so far and every time I've cried thank you for capturing the day from mine and Ricki's eyes you got it spot on ! 


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