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Keirin + Tara

Keirin + Tara

Tara started with a virtual kiss, Keirin replied with a real kiss, it knocked Tara off her feet, the jury is still out on that one!  The wedding day of Keirin and Tara.

Featured song – Joshua Radin – The Greenest Grass

Celebrant – Erin Woodhall

Photographer – Tim Harris

Venue – Brisbane International

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Peter + Ngu

Peter + Ngu

A James Bond theme paid off big time from the entrance of the Groom to the all guest photo shoot!  007 would have had a lot of fun!  

Featured song - The Kite String Tangle (featuring Dustin Tebutt) – Illuminate

Venue – Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa – Poolside

Photographer – Sharon – Brides Best Friend

Just saw the cinematic trailer - love it guys!!!!!!!!!

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Brandt + Kylie

Brandt + Kylie

A wonderful Brisbane day for Brandt and Kylie, with a wedding in Roma Street Parklands then a walk through the city ending at Moo Moo.

Featured songs – Ray Darwin, all my life and Japanese Wallpaper, forces

Celebrant – Teresa Hauff

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Jamie + Melinda

Jamie + Melinda

Jamie gets more ‘likes’ when he marries the beautiful Melinda then he does when he wins a title fight – It was a knock out!

Featured song – Ed Sheeran – all of the stars

Venue – Summergrove Estate

Celebrant – Kate Guiney

Photographer – The Joy of working with Lauren Joy

Omg the tears!!!! It's amazing!!!! Thank you so much : ) Everyone's loves the sneak peek.. J's words were 'geez I'm glad I talked you into doing that'.. I'm sure you'll remember I was the one trying to convince him for I don't know how long!! Hahahah  Can't even tell you how grateful we are.  Thanks again...Melinda and Jamie




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