These are just a few words from our valued clients

We were absolutely STUNNED with the AMAZING job that you have both done on our wedding Video(s). Its more than we could have ever hoped for and we absolutely LOVE IT! Towards the end of the year, we had a pre-family gathering at our place… about 50 people plus kids and we played the 26 min film for them – needless to say that there wasn’t a dry eye in the place and everyone was in awe of the work you have done. We visited my father (who was unable to attend the wedding in person) at the start of Dec and played it all back for him; he was able to re-live the day feeling like he was there and didn’t miss out. He was able to see the highlights, full ceremony, speeches etc and this meant so much to both him and us. You have captured our day beautifully and we wouldn’t change a thing about your production (Kate still watches it about twice a week!!!!) Again – my sincere apologies for the delay in writing this, but again; an almighty THANKYOU for the INCREDIBLE job that you both did!

Matt and Kate 2015

Thank you Barb and Rob for creating such a special DVD of our wedding. The quality of your work was excellent and because of this I can justify the cost. You provided an excellent service and I would have no problem recommending you to anyone needing a videography service. A DVD was so important to get so that we can relive the day, share it with family and friends who weren't there and show it to our children one day. Excellent service both before on and after the day. Thank you

Jon and Lauren 2015


Thank you. We had high expectations from your videos and what you produced and retold through the film exceeded our highest expectations. We had to rewatched the sneak peak a few times to digest what we saw. You guys captured our moment and what we experienced and translated that into a film. That is what we felt that day. Masterfully edited i have to say. I do editing myself but nothing as close as yours. The small pauses, the crossfades, the straight cut, all synergised perfectly and with story telling intention. perfect. The concept is also amazing. I loved it how you told the whole ceremony through my perspective. Rob and Barb. Thank you. Our moment has been captured. Can't wait to watch the raws after our reception this weekend. We've been busy doing our last minute preparations. We're also very enthusiastic to show the video at the reception. I will let you know our family and friend's reactions when they watch it.

Ray and Emily 2015


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you for being apart of our special day!! It was everything we hoped it to be and much more! Your service from the very start up until the wedding was amazing and were so helpful with all my crazy questions I had about everything leading up to the big day! Nothing was ever too hard and you went above and beyond to make sure that everything was how we wanted it to be and every moment was captured. You made everything so easy and I had nothing to worry about on the day. We hardly realised you were there most of the time you were that good!! We cannot wait to see our video so we can relive our special day over and over again!! Fisheye Studio will be highly recommended from myself in the future to video other couples dream weddings...Thankyou Barb!!!

Krystle and Tristan 2015


Hope your both well and are keeping busy in the peek wedding season lol I was thinking of you two today and Gary and I would just like to say a huge THANK YOU for being so amazing! You guys make such a great team together and we love your work, we can't wait to see our wedding video when it's completed. Your personalities definitely suit the industry your in and we will be highly recommending you both to friends and family! thank you again

Gary and Tara 2015


Not just a video. Hands-down, worthy of an Academy Award for best cinematography and motion picture! My partner was against paying for a videographer and definitely against paying extra for the documentary style video but was knocked off his feet when he saw the video. His words "these guys bloody know what they're doing!" A snap shot in time with all our friends and family would not have been possible without the documentary style video. Highly recommended! We're getting married every year just to see your work again!

Peter and Ngu 2015


Rob & Barb... Would it be wrong to say we've watched the trailer a thousand times!? Just WOW and then wow again! Not only were we blessed with our dream wedding venue at An Island Hideaway but you guys were an absolute delight to work with & be around on our special day, you guys simply produce magic!! I said in my speech - "I don't have words...", well Kate and I don't have words! The trailer is truly stunning, it really is just fantastic! The great thing is that's it's not just us with our starry dream island wedding eyes, so many of our friends and family just love it... The full cut will be brilliant memories for us to keep forever more! We've actually had friends that were at our wedding ask who did the video as they didn't really notice anyone taking footage! Kate and I couldn't be more thrilled with how fun and easy going you both were on the day and the footage you took, again simply just WOW!! Thanks so much to you Fisheye for giving us such an amazing reminder to treasure of our incredible day and night! Kate & Jas xo

Jason and Kate 2015


Rob and Barb, Nick and I can't thank you enough for the amazing film you have created for us. It is so beautiful + so much more. You are both such lovely people + very professional that we couldn't have asked for anything better. We think it is very important to have your wedding filmed, even more so now that we can watch ours, we would have regretted it if we didn't. Hope to see you again

Nick and Olivia 2015


Many, many thanks for all your help, it has been amazing to have you and Rob in charge of our video, thanks so much for going the extra mile for us, we cannot tell you how much we appreciate it. The video very much held interest for the guests in India who had never seen such a wedding before, it was a huge success. Many comments were made about the professionalism of the video and trailer. We hope the show was a great success for you, and wish you both all the best for your upcoming productions, I am very sure everyone will be as delighted as we have been.

Saibal and Marina 2015


Words can not begin to describe how perfect our wedding video is! Thank you so much for all your hard work! We feel so so blessed to have been able to have you both by our side on the biggest day of our lives, capturing each and every moment. The day went by so very quickly, its a blur, so to be able to relive those special little moments was/is incredible! You even managed to capture my shaking hands during our ceremony! (I didn't even realise I was shaking!) Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for becoming part of our love story! xoxo

Nik and Caiti 2014


Thank you for shooting our wedding day, we are so grateful to have had you both capture all the beautiful moments of our special day. Thank you for your professionalism, friendliness and understanding our needs on the day. We are so happy with our trailer and DVDs - We are planning to watch it every wedding anniversary! We are also so glad to have something to show our children : ). We will be sure to recommed Fisheye to our family and friends. Keep up the great work! All the best

Kim and Kevin 2014


I cannot thank you enough for this sneak peak. I just love it. I love the little moments you have found and I love the inclusions of the speeches. I seriously cannot stop watching it! There were many tears from the family and dad loved it. He is very chuffed that some of his speech is on there. I actually think all the lines from the speeches making it in there is one of my favourite things about it. honestly I think i have watched it 100 times already and can't get enough so thank you so much. I feel like there are so many little details in there!

Lauren and Glenn 2014

Hi Rob and Barbs, I just wanted to say thank you so much for yesterday. Honestly, we had so much fun with you guys and loved every second of it! We felt so relaxed and couldn't have asked for anything more. Everyone commented on how lovely you both were! I was already totally in love with your work but after meeting you both I'm in love a little more. Can't wait to see it all.  

I cannot thank you enough for this sneak peak. I just love it. I love the little moments you have found and I love the inclusions of the speeches. I seriously cannot stop watching it! There were many tears from the family and dad loved it. He is very chuffed that some of his speech is on there. I actually think all the lines from the speeches making it in there is one of my favourite things about it. honestly I think i have watched it 100 times already and can't get enough so thank you so much. I feel like there are so many little details in there!

Lauren and Glenn 2014

I just wanted to thank you for everything! I was so impressed with you and Rob on the day and couldn't have asked for nicer people to film our wedding. You made us so comfortable, and you went the extra mile for us in every way. Every single person that met you or had anything to do with you on the day, absolutely raved about you! I will definitely recommend you to anyone. I really look forward to seeing the final video...

Ben and Brittany 2014

The amazing Rob and Barb! Words cannot express the gratitude and happiness we feel about our video. You’ve gone above and beyond what was expected and were such a fun & vibrant part of our wedding day – you guys are infectious! We have been big fans of your work for sometime now, so we know the quality & superior talent of your work – there’s no comparison. I’ve been slightly obsessed with our videos and would check your website for new videos often. Our video is just spectacular. You could not have done anything better. WE LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. Thanks so much again, for a memory that will last forever. We never realised the importance of a wedding DVD until we discovered Fisheye. To have your entire wedding day as a memory to keep forever is priceless. It is the best thing we decided to do & we are so grateful for the final product. We are so happy – and can’t stop watching it.

Lots of love, big smiles & hugs. Kate & Andy

Sha and I just wanted to say that we were so happy with the final result of our highlights and video! The highlights were shown at our Chinese wedding reception, and we received so many comments as to how lovely our day was. You both captured all our special moments, and despite the weather you guys made everything looks so perfect! We have watched the video over and over and every time it still brings back those nervous, exciting feelings we experienced on the day. You are both true artists and professionals, and we can’t thank you both enough for all your hard work. You are not only great at what you do, but you are both genuinely nice and caring people. Having you with us on our special day made things so much easier. Thanks again Rob & Barb – we wish you every happiness and success in the future and will be sure to happily recommend you to all our friends!

Best wishes, Brendan and Sha

Thank you Rob + Barbs for not only providing a fantastic video of our wedding, but for being a part of it also. It was terrific to enjoy the preparations on the morning with you and we hope you got a laugh out of it too! What you delivered to us far exceeded our expectations, which were extremely high! You captured moments that we missed, and even the 6 min trailer brought back more emotions + memories that one million photos could not! Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to relive this perfect day over + over!

Clint + Kelly

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed watching the wedding video and would like to thank you both for doing such a fantastic job. I only wish I knew more people who were getting married so that I could recommend you to them. Maybe Sophie and Wayne can help out with that. I know Sophie is thrilled to have received it and we rushed straight over to see it. We were so looking forward to seeing it after watching the preview you posted on your site which was brilliant. I also appreciate the extra work you did to provide the additional High Def copies. These will prove to be very handy especially when it comes to sending a copy to Sophie's grandparents and other relatives in the USA. You have helped us make a special day even more memorable. I am sure that we will be revisiting this occasion regularly, through your efforts, many times over the coming days, weeks and years. Thanks you so much. Fondest regards and best wishes for continued success bringing joy to many other couples and their families.

John and Sophie

Barb and Rob, you have absolutely just taken our breath away. Our wedding video is just so beautiful, you made us laugh, cry, speechless and just totally in oar of what you have created for our special day! You have created such a special memory for us both to keep forever and remember always. It was an absolute pleasure having you both at our wedding and capturing all the moments and messages we couldn’t possibly remember. It is all such a blur. We look forward to seeing you again in the future. We cannot thank you enough, you are both such amazing people and it was an honour to have you there.

How important is a professional filmed wedding dvd? 

It is a must. The whole day is an absolute blur, but to have it all captured on film you are able to relive every moment everyday for the rest of your lives.

Kylie and Leigh

'Excellence' and 'Professionalism' comes to mind when describing Fisheye Studio. The manner in which both of you conducted yourselves on the day was brilliant. In particular, the respect for the proceedings and the unobtrusive nature in which you capture our very special day. We are delighted with the dvd and have received so much positive feedback about if from our family and friends, We highly recommend your services. Having a wedding dvd is a great way to capture your wedding day, it is very important.

Byron and Anna

Good Evening Barbara and Rob, We received our DVD this afternoon and have just finished watching it and....... IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It has exceeded our expectations like you could not believe. The music synced in was gorgeous. How you captured the whole experience was soooo unbelieveable. We have had many remarks made about how fantastic and brillant they thought the preview trailer was - KINA GRANNIS - AMAZING!! They all cant wait to see the full dvd! From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you dearly for capturing our very special day. Seeing things on video that we didnt get to see on the day was fantastic and being able to re-listen to speeches/moments that you recall from the day but didnt fully take in because "you get soo caught up in the love bubble" was sooo great to recapture. We will treasure this video for the rest of our lives! Your professionalism on the day was outstanding, you were not in the way at all... in fact quite the opposite. You are both lovely people to have around and made us all feel very comfortable on the wedding day. I would highly reccomend Fisheye Studio to anyone. Kind Regards, And THANK YOU SO SO SOOOO MUCH, WE LOVE IT!!!!

Chelsea and Alex

When there are so many service providers to keep a track of for your big day, it was invaluable to know that Barbara would just be there, when and how she said she would, and effortlessly would work to capture those moments without you ever realising. Rob then is handed the baton and delivers this masterpiece to you, and all the moments become real again. Our wedding dvd is our best memory of our day, thankyou for your professionalism, passion and photograhic skill.

Nathaniel and Kimerley

Hi Barbara, I just want to thank you again for being there for my special day and doing everything u can to capture all the special moments. Your kindness and dedication is so much appreciated and I thank God Laaiqah told me about you because if nothing else, it was so amazing getting to know you. You are such a lovely natured person and that is why I liked u from the time we met and you and Hannah made me feel like a princess and I am forever gr8ful for all u guys did.

Ismail and Nazeer