Lucas + Tracy

"Thank you for wanting me as I am, for loving me and welcoming me into your heart. I know that our love will never fade, that we will always find strength in one another".

We love the video so much!!! Thank you and Rob made this video for us.
— Lucas and Tracy

The Wedding Dress there is only two important things to tick off first when planning your wedding day:

1.  The Wedding Dress   and   2.  The Wedding Venue

All the rest can follow throughout the time you have left to plan.  The wedding dress can be easy or can become overwhelmingly difficult.  You hear the stories of ‘the first one I put on’ or ‘its been months and I am still searching’.  A few simple steps to begin the search for the dress that you will walk down the isle in:

Start a scrapbook of the dresses you like.  Be open to what the bridal consultants get you to try on.  Shop early as it takes four to eight months to be produced and then there is the alterations after.  Setyour budget and stick to it

The wedding dress that Tracy wore was from When Freddie Met Lilly which is located in Brisbane with a bridal collection that is diverse in colour, fabrics and styles.  When Tracy walks through the tall hedges her dress just stole the hearts of everyone that was there, so subtle, simple, elegant and sexy.