Tom + Kasey

It's those little glances, the sweet smiles, quiver in your voice and the moment that you hold your future husbands hands that are captured in time.  I just love the little looks that Tom and Kasey gave to each other throughout their wedding ceremony, a bit shy, a little nerves and just a deep love and respect for each other, so beautiful.

You made our day extra special and stree free, with your friendly personalitys, professional manner while videoing. Thank you!
— Tom and Casey

At 7:30 each morning the garden is harvested for the ever-changing menu.   Che and his team of chefs take great care in creating innovative, cleverly designed menus, showcasing ingredients from the Fig Trees’ award winning garden and the very best regional produce.  Tom and Kaseys' wedding was not exception, with their wedding feast the dinner was served beneath the stars, long tables dressed with candles, fresh flowers and beautiful china.  The lighthouse constantly making its presence as it warns the sailors and gives the guests a reminder that they are in at Wedding in Byron Bay.