Tim + Prue

Brides are getting smarter! A backyard wedding with a huge twist of sophisication, the wedding of Tim and Prue.

When my then fiance (now wife) pitched the idea of a wedding videographer to me, I assumed she was going a bit crazy and thought plans for this day had really been blown out of proportion. Knowing she had her heart set on having Fisheye Studios film our wedding, I thought I’d give in to a meeting with Barb to just see what they could do. Impressed by their work, I reluctantly gave in, but was still not completely sold (my mind was preoccupied with the budget at this point). Four months after our wedding date, I am honestly stoked by our decision to work with Fisheye and have them capture the awesomeness of our day. Rob and Barb are amazing humans who just blended into the day and ended up creating something we’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime. Admittedly, I ended up with a bit of dust in the eyes while reliving our day through the work of Rob and Barb. We’ve already lined up a tradition to watch our wedding videos on our anniversary with wine and cheese each year. A priceless tradition that wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic work these guys produced. Cheers, Rob and Barb. Thanks for the brilliant work. I’m glad I gave in to this one!
— Tim and Prue

As Brisbane wedding videographers I would have to say this is the first time we have filmed a Brisbane backyard wedding! Yes you may have a bemused look upon your face when thinking 'backyard wedding' however the effort that Tim and Prue physically did alongside the great wedding designers WhiteWhite it was a backyard wedding of elegance, style, sophistication and class. Yes it can be done and the best thing about parties at your place is everyone remembers them!