kingscliff wedding video

Chris + Colleen

" My Chris, I never imagined that a man so decent, loving, kind, caring, funny, thoughtful and handsome existed and never in my wildest dreams would that man choose me."

Hey guys!! Wow!! We are both sitting here in tears after watching the sneak peak.. but, they’re emotional happy tears!! We love it!!!! All the wedding day feelings instantly came back and it was just beautiful!! Thank you so much!! Yes, please share the love as much as you want on Facebook! 🙏🏼
— Chris and Colleen

Adrian + Hilary

"Hilary and Adrian met back in 2009 while studying at QUT. On one particular occasion the group had arranged a meeting and Hilary and Adrian were the only two to show up..... in Adrian's eyes this was quite fortuitous".

Wow what an incredible sneak peak!!!! Thank you so much, watching our day back gave us goose bumps, and made us feel like we were reliving the day all over again. We would love to share that version online - so if you could send us the link for download that would be great!
— Adrian and Hilary

Dean + Melanie

"From the moment our paths crossed, you have surprised me, distracted me and captivated me. I have fallen in love with you.....again......and again."

From the very first moment we met Barb we knew we were in the very best hands. We were unsure at first if we wanted a videographer but I’m so glad we did! The videos are breathtaking. Communication was amazing, whenever we had a question or a moment of panic a quick email and everything was sorted. This was all before the wedding! On the day Rob and Barb were simply amazing. They had such a happy, calming effect on everyone. We enjoyed being around them so much! We’ve had so many compliments on how professional and kind they were but unobtrusive as well. They captured so many raw moments as we simply forgot they were there or didn’t even realise they were filming! We cannot thank Rob and Barb enough. They made our day so much fun and edited our memories in such a beautiful way, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you Rob and Barb, our videos are just amazing!!
— Dean and Melanie

Brock + Cara

He took her to a hidden waterfall where their son handed her a note reading:
Mummy will you marry my Daddy? The wedding of Brock and Cara with special guest Harlem, there son.

Ah we are so over the moon happy with our video guys its just perfect we are extremely happy we found you and we were blessed to have you capture our day as beautifully as you have we now have all the beautiful memories from our day captured to share with everyone and relive throughout our life together thank you a thousand times over your AMAZING
— Brock + Cara

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Callum + Georgia

Remember tonight for it is the beginning of always, a celebration of the chance taken and the challenges that lay ahead, for two will always be stronger than one.

OMG we totally love it! My face hurts from smiling so much when I watch it! It is amazing! I feel like a Hollywood movie star! You captured the day so perfectly. We can not thank you enough for creating this special keepsake for us!
— Georgia and Callum

Set on the picturesque coastline of Northern New South Wales, Kingscliff wedding venue Peppers Salt Resort & Spa is a beautiful resort with a seaside location for your wedding weekend. The peaceful and elegant contemplation pond featured in Georgia and Callums wedding ceremony makes a romantic wedding ceremony venue. This popular venue provides a secluded setting for a special day as brides walk over a small pebbled pond to an intimate garden area.