brisbane wedding video

Mike + Michelle

" Michelle, you are the love of my life and the only one I want to be with for the rest of my life".

"Mike, in the wise words of salt n pepa, what a man what a man what a mighty good man".

Hi Rob and Barb, Mike has finally been able to watch our wedding day sneak peak. He absolutely loves it, even brought tears to his eyes.
So you are able to go ahead and upload it to your Facebook page. Please tag us if possible, otherwise just let us know when you have done it so we can share it to our friends and family.
Thanks so much, looking forward to seeing the rest.
— Mike and Michelle

Roy + Abby

"We are the first generation immigrants to a new country, it's a beautiful country but it was not without difficulty. We had to endure the loneliness of being a world away from friends and family. I am so lucky that I met Abby so early and with her being there for me through it all".

Long + Erin

" I have always believed the saying everything happens for a reason and I am so thankful it was you".

On behalf of Long and I, thank you so much for the trailer. We were already in love with your work, and to see what you have captured on our special day is just breath taking. There is so much love and happiness in this video and it brings back the very same feeling we felt on this day. We seriously cannot thank you enough.
We are so happy to have come across you guys because you have nailed it! We cannot wait for the USB, we just know it’s going to be amazing.
— Long and Erin

Wes + Jessica

"Through all the evenings and all of the days, a smile so bright, forever always, all of the planets from venus to mars, tonight we'll be dancing with a sky full of stars".

A stunning venue, a gorgeous bride and a talented groom that wrote and composed his very own personal thoughts down and created a song. Just a few moments that this couple and their guest will never forget when Wes and Jessica married on the 15th of December 2016 at the beautiful Spicers Peak Lodge.

We love it! So beautiful! The editing was fantastic, it all tied in so nicely. We had quite a few tears and watched it twice in a row :) ... I imagine we will have a few more viewings on the weekend too haha, it was so nice to relive the day again.
— Wes and Jess
From the outset, Barb & Rob were a delight to speak to. They showed genuine interest and excitement as they asked us about our love story, our engagement and our Wedding plans. They remembered every small detail we told them and used this knowledge to incorporate beautiful, sentimental touches into our video, which made it that little bit more personal and special. Rob and Barb have such passion and enthusiasm for what they do and it was a pleasure to be surrounded by their happy vibes on our Wedding day. Rob and Barb were there to capture everything, but in the most natural, unobtrusive way. We never felt like the camera was in our face, in fact by the time the Wedding was in full swing, we had totally forgotten the camera was even there. We were blown away by our Wedding trailer, the editing was amazing! Everything just flowed, it was so moving and it brought tears to our eyes. The main feature was even more incredible. It wasn’t just a solid block of film, it was once again edited with a flow that kept everyone’s attention and tugged at the heart strings. We especially loved how the speeches, dancing and ceremony came as additional individual files, so we can watch just those bits when we wish. If you want highly professional, caring, artistic videographers with a beautiful nature , then Fisheye Studios is where you’ll find them.
— Wes and Jessica

Leigh + Kate

"Leigh...I adore you. I am so thankful you came into my life. You are unquestionably the man made to share and live this full life with me.

Hi Rob and Barb! Leigh and I have just watched it together - wow wow wow! Thank you both so much for capturing our day. It was day full of emotions and stress, but you both brought a sense of calm and professionalism and for this we are forever thankful!
— Kate and Leigh

Sasa + Mila

The cultural weddings always keep you on your toes, and the Serbian culture definitely know how to celebrate an occasion like no other. The wedding of Sasa and Mila was that occasion which demanded a major celebration of close family and friends and dancing....lots and lots and lots of dancing.

Words can not describe the atmosphere at a Serbian wedding. This Brisbane Serbian wedding did not disappoint.  From the accordion playing from sunrise to sunrise, yes I meant to say sunrise again.  The beautifully decorated bulkia being passed around with homemade rakija from sunrise to sunrise.  Wedding decorations at the front of the bride and grooms house.  A lonely apple hanging from an arbour at the brides house where the groom must retrieve the apple before he is allowed to enter the bride’s house.  The fake brides which are sent out to the groom to trick him, on a side note, some of the fake brides range from a male cousin to the grandma.  The bartering for the bride with huge sums of cold hard cash.  With all of this happening even before the wedding ceremony, it truly is like watching an action packed movie with very attractive people having the biggest party of their lives.  It must be seen to be believed. 

  • Serbian Orthodox Church Woolloongabba
  • Colossus Reception Lounge Brisbane

Eric + Han

"I have never been a girl that believed in fairy tales but after I met you I honestly thought that everything in my life happened in the exact sequence so that I could meet you, and fall in love with you, and be with you"

Pyrotechnic adjective 1. Relating to fireworks. 2. Brilliant or sensational.  Skylighter fireworks had a double whammy on the adjective ‘pyrotechnic’. The couple had the fireworks go in sync with their bridal waltz song, it was hands down the best wedding day fireworks display I have scene.  It electrofied the groom Eric so much he jumped about at the end, he was sooooo excited.  Wedding day fireworks are such a treat for everyone on your wedding day, including the wedding videographer : )

Tim + Prue

Brides are getting smarter! A backyard wedding with a huge twist of sophisication, the wedding of Tim and Prue.

When my then fiance (now wife) pitched the idea of a wedding videographer to me, I assumed she was going a bit crazy and thought plans for this day had really been blown out of proportion. Knowing she had her heart set on having Fisheye Studios film our wedding, I thought I’d give in to a meeting with Barb to just see what they could do. Impressed by their work, I reluctantly gave in, but was still not completely sold (my mind was preoccupied with the budget at this point). Four months after our wedding date, I am honestly stoked by our decision to work with Fisheye and have them capture the awesomeness of our day. Rob and Barb are amazing humans who just blended into the day and ended up creating something we’ll be able to treasure for a lifetime. Admittedly, I ended up with a bit of dust in the eyes while reliving our day through the work of Rob and Barb. We’ve already lined up a tradition to watch our wedding videos on our anniversary with wine and cheese each year. A priceless tradition that wouldn’t be possible without the fantastic work these guys produced. Cheers, Rob and Barb. Thanks for the brilliant work. I’m glad I gave in to this one!
— Tim and Prue

As Brisbane wedding videographers I would have to say this is the first time we have filmed a Brisbane backyard wedding! Yes you may have a bemused look upon your face when thinking 'backyard wedding' however the effort that Tim and Prue physically did alongside the great wedding designers WhiteWhite it was a backyard wedding of elegance, style, sophistication and class. Yes it can be done and the best thing about parties at your place is everyone remembers them!