an island hideaway

Matt + Cassie

" Cassie and Matt were born only 7 days apart in Toowoomba. Out of the billions and billions of people in this world Cassie and Matts paths would cross again when they were both in high school ".

Thank you so much Rob and Barb! That is wonderful we love it so much! Can’t stop watching it. We can’t wait to see the full one. Thank you both so much!
— Matt + Cassie

Alvin + Linda

True loves from Singapore wanted to be taken away to their own secluded island for their private wedding ceremony.  They where flown to the beautiful Island Hideaway on the sandy shores of South Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast.

Thank you very much for capturing our wedding day in such beautiful and romantic manners. All our friends and family members love it and we have watched countless times. It’s definitely the best wedding keepsake we have and we highly recommend Fisheye Studios to anyone who wants a memorable wedding video.
— Alvin + Linda

Sothea + Tia

"Tia, from this day forward I promise you these things. I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow. You are my best friend and I will love and respect you always".

YAY! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH SERIOUSLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.. we absolutely love this sneak peek! You guys did an amazing job.. we didn’t even realise u guys were filming around us sometimes.. you both made us feel comfortable and was wonderful chatting with u guys in the back of the Ute.. Thank you again! And I can’t wait for the full video xo
— Sothea and Tia

Best grooms arrival.  Make a speed boat as your entrance to your wedding day, well jumping over the back of the boat your guests are cruising for a beach wedding at An Island Hideaway, South Stradbroke Island would be close to perfect.  These grooms ripped it up with loads of jumps from the front and back of the boat.  As a wedding videographer - somewhat nightmare as the boat flies past at super speed, luckily the speed boat driver did several jumps so that we did not miss a thing.  Wedding Videographer Tips: The only thing to advise is that there is a bit of sea spray so make sure you have a little refresher for the boys at your wedding destination. 

Chris + Temaui

You know they say, in every man's life, there comes a time when you get struck by the arrow of cupid. Chris returned from work one day, sat on his lounge, removed his tie and looked at his Mum and said, "Wow, I've just met the most beautiful girl in the world".

We have received it and absolutely love it. Thank you so much : D
— Chris and Temaui

4WD to your bridal party photo session.  An Island Hideaway is a great wedding destination for many reasons, this post is all about offering a secret, very private beach to film your bridal photo session.  The spot is on the eastern side of the island, where you have to take a 7 minute 4WD ride to reach, then it is all yours!  It is a wedding videographers dream, this private beach which looks back to the highrises of the Gold Coast gives us a wonderful opportunity to film some very special shots.  Along the way there is a great paddock filled with ferns and a sandy road meanders through, just exquisite.  If you are wanting your private beach wedding 40 minutes from the main land, An Island Hideaway offers this and so much more.

Ben + Jazz

Engaged on a beach in England and Married on the shores of Australia, Ben and Jazz love the beach…

Heys guys! Wow it is beautiful we are blown away! You have done such an amazing job, its perfect! Omg we are speechless, the songs, we cannot express words to thank you enough for all the memories xxx
— Ben + Jazz

Bride flies high on Love.  Jazz arrived by seaplane to her wedding at An Island Hideaway, such a great entrance and a fantastic trip for the bridesmaids who spent the early morning in wedding styling heaven! Gold Coast wedding venue An Island Hideaway is well on an island, so the only way to get there is by plane or boat.