Nick + Michelle

So from the moment we were matched on E Harmony I knew there was something special about you. Turns out Nick, you were the man of my dreams, my one true love.

Thank goodness for membership auto renewal.

Thank you so so much! We absolutely love the cinematic trailer. You captured our day so beautifully. I know that we will treasure the memories you have captured for many years to come.
— Nick and Michelle

Thomas + Jade

"Jade, I adore you and love you more as each day passes. I promise to always give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I always share with you my innermost feelings.....secrets......and dreams.

Ok, now that we have both stopped crying... thank you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, for your warm and friendly presence on the day and for creating such a precious record of so many love-filled happy moments we will treasure for many years to come. When we first discovered your work, we were inspired by your creativity and we so appreciate the flair and style you have used in the creation of our video. Thank you again for your wonderful work.
— Thomas and Jade

Brides are getting smarter!  The one great thing about working in the wedding industry is the metamorphosis of planning your wedding venue.  Long gone are the traditional wedding reception held in a hotel conference room with its up lights and white linen table cloths with white chair covers with a matching ribbon to your bridesmaid dresses.  Thankfully we are seeing a huge move towards having your wedding reception in a community hall.  Brides it is a blank canvas, where you can spend more money on the styling instead of the hire of the venue.  Bring in your own caterers, have a burning fire pit for guests to mingle around, stay on the property. The Byron Bay wedding of Thomas and Jade was held on 400 acres at Midginbil Hill, which is an old working cattle farm with some amazing views with a country style barn. They brought in their caterer Francisco’s Table from Byron Bay.  Finally your wedding day is so much more your creation when doing it this way and lets just say a lot cheaper too!

AJ + Marnie

School yard sweet hearts are married at the Mudgeeraba Showground on the Gold Coast. Two teachers who fell in love at first sight and were married in front of there family and friends and an ice cream truck : )

When I think about our wedding day, what stands out most are the moments captured by Rob and Barb that we’ve been able to re-live. Your wedding day is such an adrenaline-fuelled blur of moments and without our wedding video, most of those beautiful moments would’ve been just that- momentary. Rob and Barb are the epitome of professionalism, check-in constantly throughout the lead-up to the big day and are genuinely committed to knowing your story and making magic with it. Our sneak-peek (cinematic trailer) was everything we had hoped for and more- and that was only the beginning of the products we ended up with. On the day, Rob and Barb blend into the background and work in a completely fluid, non-intrusive way whilst capturing all the little moments and details that you want to remember. They’re more than videographers (at one point I remember seeing Barb helping our stylists set up our dessert table)- they are there for the whole experience and just make it work. We feel so honoured and privileged to have worked with Rob and Barb, and are loving ourselves for making one of the best decisions of our lives (a huge call, but there’s no exaggeration here). If you’re a bride or groom considering a wedding videographer, I encourage you to think with your heart and invest in this decision with Fisheye Studios. It will be worth its weight in gold in the long run. Thank you, Rob and Barb- we’re forever grateful! x
— AJ and Marnie

After many years filming weddings we are very rarely surprised with new inventive way to add a different element to your wedding day, however Marnie and AJ nailed it by having a wedding ice cream truck arrive during their bridal party photo session.  The couple had many children at their wedding day and once that familiar tune started playing the race was on for your favourite ensemble.  A great new idea to rival the canapes!



Alvin + Linda

True loves from Singapore wanted to be taken away to their own secluded island for their private wedding ceremony.  They where flown to the beautiful Island Hideaway on the sandy shores of South Stradbroke Island, Gold Coast.

Josh + Stephanie

The circle of love, physically and literally was Josh and Stephanies' wedding at Belongil Beach. Such a wonderful ceremony where the chairs where placed in a circle giving everyone a closeness to the couple as they said their vows.

I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed watching the wedding video and would like to thank you both for doing such a fantastic job. I only wish I knew more people who were getting married so that I could recommend you to them. You have helped us make a special day even more memorable. I am sure that we will be revisiting this occasion regularly, through your efforts, many times over the coming days, weeks and years. Thanks you so much. Fondest regards and best wishes for continued success bringing joy to many other couples and their families.
— Josh + Stephanie

What appears in the same amount of photos as the bride and groom? Flowers.  Stephanies' wedding flowers appeared in every single photo : )  Her wedding flowers where amazing from the head piece to bridesmaids. Byron Bay wedding 'Flowers on the Run' did an amazing job.  They have many years of experience in providing fresh flowers which will last longer than your Uncle on the dance floor.  They only buy flowers from the local Byron Bay growers where possible which gives you such a beautiful community feel too!

Sothea + Tia

"Tia, from this day forward I promise you these things. I will laugh with you in times of joy and comfort you in times of sorrow. You are my best friend and I will love and respect you always".

YAY! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH SERIOUSLY FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.. we absolutely love this sneak peek! You guys did an amazing job.. we didn’t even realise u guys were filming around us sometimes.. you both made us feel comfortable and was wonderful chatting with u guys in the back of the Ute.. Thank you again! And I can’t wait for the full video xo
— Sothea and Tia

Best grooms arrival.  Make a speed boat as your entrance to your wedding day, well jumping over the back of the boat your guests are cruising for a beach wedding at An Island Hideaway, South Stradbroke Island would be close to perfect.  These grooms ripped it up with loads of jumps from the front and back of the boat.  As a wedding videographer - somewhat nightmare as the boat flies past at super speed, luckily the speed boat driver did several jumps so that we did not miss a thing.  Wedding Videographer Tips: The only thing to advise is that there is a bit of sea spray so make sure you have a little refresher for the boys at your wedding destination. 

Sasa + Mila

The cultural weddings always keep you on your toes, and the Serbian culture definitely know how to celebrate an occasion like no other. The wedding of Sasa and Mila was that occasion which demanded a major celebration of close family and friends and dancing....lots and lots and lots of dancing.

Words can not describe the atmosphere at a Serbian wedding. This Brisbane Serbian wedding did not disappoint.  From the accordion playing from sunrise to sunrise, yes I meant to say sunrise again.  The beautifully decorated bulkia being passed around with homemade rakija from sunrise to sunrise.  Wedding decorations at the front of the bride and grooms house.  A lonely apple hanging from an arbour at the brides house where the groom must retrieve the apple before he is allowed to enter the bride’s house.  The fake brides which are sent out to the groom to trick him, on a side note, some of the fake brides range from a male cousin to the grandma.  The bartering for the bride with huge sums of cold hard cash.  With all of this happening even before the wedding ceremony, it truly is like watching an action packed movie with very attractive people having the biggest party of their lives.  It must be seen to be believed. 

  • Serbian Orthodox Church Woolloongabba
  • Colossus Reception Lounge Brisbane

Lijia Chu + Lily Li

Elopement (marriage) Elopement refers to a marriage conducted in secretive fashion, usually involving a flight to a beautiful destination just what Lily and Lijiana had arranged.  Held in the stylish Evergreen Garden Venue with a few selected family and friends sometimes is all you need to celebrate one of the most important days of your life.

Jateen + Heena

Indian weddings are filled with rituals and celebrations that continue for several days. Jateen and Heena wanted theatrical, bollywood and rich with emotions, they definately did not disappoint.

The video is absolutely fantastic. The quality is phenomenal.
— Jateen and Heena

Mark + Michelle

The hidden surprises in Mark and Michelles wedding…an amazing dress…a helicopter (drone) with some spectacular shots…a groom who really wears his heart on his sleeve...The Wedding of Mark and Michelle at The Cove.


Craig + Katrina

Life is a balance and Craig and Katrina have got it all worked out! Well not sure boys surfing 2 hours before the ceremony is hmmm! Not so balanced with the brides getting ready early at Fig Tree Byron Bay, but hey it has to be done.

A massive thank you for all your wonderful efforts on our wedding day. It was an absolute pleasure to have you there. We are so happy with all the footage, you have exceeded our expectations. Thank you for your amazing talent!
Mum & dad have taken the DVD to the US to show the rest of the family.. They had it on a projector & all watched in awe - tears & all of course but grandma got to see it all again so she absolutely loved it! So very special to be able to do that!
— Craig and Katrina

Just love the peace and serenity of the bridal preparation house at the Byron Bay wedding venue Fig Tree Restaurant “The Diary” is nestled under the majestic fig tree with sweeping views out across Byron Bay and its big open plan living and master bedroom that allows the light to flow in, it provides the idylic location for you and your bridesmaids to get ready.  There are three bedrooms with ensuites for your bridesmaids to stay the night before the wedding too : )

Chris + Temaui

You know they say, in every man's life, there comes a time when you get struck by the arrow of cupid. Chris returned from work one day, sat on his lounge, removed his tie and looked at his Mum and said, "Wow, I've just met the most beautiful girl in the world".

We have received it and absolutely love it. Thank you so much : D
— Chris and Temaui

4WD to your bridal party photo session.  An Island Hideaway is a great wedding destination for many reasons, this post is all about offering a secret, very private beach to film your bridal photo session.  The spot is on the eastern side of the island, where you have to take a 7 minute 4WD ride to reach, then it is all yours!  It is a wedding videographers dream, this private beach which looks back to the highrises of the Gold Coast gives us a wonderful opportunity to film some very special shots.  Along the way there is a great paddock filled with ferns and a sandy road meanders through, just exquisite.  If you are wanting your private beach wedding 40 minutes from the main land, An Island Hideaway offers this and so much more.

Shehan + Carla

Carlas Dad said in his speech, "never in my dreams would I have expected to travel so far to walk you through that small church and hand you over to that man sitting there next to you". 10 years in the making, Shehan and Carla married in the beautiful Albert River Wines on the Gold Coast.

Aww thank you both so very much! The video is amazing and we watched twice! Made me emotional too! Thank you for the birthday present (it’s my bday today). You’ve done fantastic work.
Just wanted to drop in and say that we received the package yesterday. We couldn’t wait for the weekend and made an evening watching the movies. You’ve both done excellent work and it was fantastic being able to revisit the day from a different viewpoint. Thank you again for being a part of our big day. We will treasure these mementos as long as we live. Warm Wishes,
— Shehan and Carla

Bridal dresses you ask? Yes we have seen a few in our years being a wedding videographer : ) The wedding dresses at Luv Bridal & Formal are simply beautiful and they will help you choose the one that suits you.  When I saw Carla in her wedding dress, WOW, she not only chose a wedding dress design that silhouetted her body, however knowing Carla she is a quiet woman and to have the sublte lace covering her shoulders and the string of pearls around her waist, she looked sophisticated, stylish and true to herself, such a beautiful bride.

Eric + Han

"I have never been a girl that believed in fairy tales but after I met you I honestly thought that everything in my life happened in the exact sequence so that I could meet you, and fall in love with you, and be with you"

Pyrotechnic adjective 1. Relating to fireworks. 2. Brilliant or sensational.  Skylighter fireworks had a double whammy on the adjective ‘pyrotechnic’. The couple had the fireworks go in sync with their bridal waltz song, it was hands down the best wedding day fireworks display I have scene.  It electrofied the groom Eric so much he jumped about at the end, he was sooooo excited.  Wedding day fireworks are such a treat for everyone on your wedding day, including the wedding videographer : )

Lachlan + Tegan

As soon as I saw you, I knew a grand adventure was about to begin...and that is Lachlan and Tegan. Quotes from Stars Wars, Frozen and Winnie The Pooh, this couple are set for fun.

A wedding video is something I think every bride considers but then tosses and turns about whether they should really invest in one due to such high costs. I changed my mind several times but what it comes down to is that photos are lovely but they cannot recreate the complete atmosphere like a video. I have watched my video several times already and I watch it more than I look at the photos that is for sure. To see a complete 360 degree smile or tear, it was a truly magical video that I know will be cherished. To quote my dad’s father of the bride speech, “Births, deaths and marriages are the most emotional times of your life”. We lost someone dearly to us this year and I thank Fisheye Studio so much that they were able to allow her the opportunity to see the trailer before her time came (she was unable to attend the wedding due to illness). The memories made on the video will outlast our loved ones and although some scenes bring a tear to my eye, I know that one day I will be even more grateful that we have it all caught on video. I highly recommend Fisheye studio, they were accomodating to our personalities and circumstances. Worth every dollar. I can relive the fairytale moments over and over again because I found people I could trust to capture the memories.
— Tegan and Lachlan

What a hidden gem! It’s always good to see a new gold coast wedding venue pop up on our wedding radar.  John and Marina at Evergreen Garden Venue have hand built a sophisticated, stylish and beautifully landscaped wedding venue.  The grounds span over an acre of land with the perfect combination of manicured gardens and the rugged bush land and gum trees, making it easy for wedding videographers to ‘point and shoot’.  They specialise in  ‘elopements’ too!

Rafael + Sasha

‘I love you’ said for the first time to the one he marries…The wedding of Rafael and Sasha, from two different parts of the world with the same beautiful values.

Raf and I just wanted to say that we were so happy with the final result of our highlights and video! The highlights were shown at our second wedding reception, andreceived so many comments as to how lovely our day was. You both captured all our special moments, you guys made everything looks so perfect! We have watched the video over and over and every time it still brings back those nervous, exciting feelings we experienced on the day. You are both true artists and professionals, and we can’t thank you both enough for all your hard work. You are not only great at what you do, but you are both genuinely nice and caring people. Having you with us on our special day made things so much easier. Thanks again Rob & Barb – we wish you every happiness and success in the future and will be sure to happily recommend you to all our friends!
— Raf and Sasha

A wedding destination - Mavises Kitchen spans over 25 acres with the stark back drop of Mr Warning.  The subtropical paradise, is a perfect setting for your wedding day. The beautiful old Queenslander that houses the Kitchen creating innovative meals is where your wedding reception is held. The convenience of the various types of accommodation available for your wedding guests in the Farmhouse and Cabins which makes your wedding at Mavises Kitchen a weekend event, providing the family a barbeque the night before or a post-wedding buffet breakfast the morning after. Peter and Charlie create style, warmth and a welcome that makes Mavis's such a special wedding venue destination.  Did I mention helicopter landing pad : )


Ben + Jazz

Engaged on a beach in England and Married on the shores of Australia, Ben and Jazz love the beach…

Heys guys! Wow it is beautiful we are blown away! You have done such an amazing job, its perfect! Omg we are speechless, the songs, we cannot express words to thank you enough for all the memories xxx
— Ben + Jazz

Bride flies high on Love.  Jazz arrived by seaplane to her wedding at An Island Hideaway, such a great entrance and a fantastic trip for the bridesmaids who spent the early morning in wedding styling heaven! Gold Coast wedding venue An Island Hideaway is well on an island, so the only way to get there is by plane or boat. 

Travis + Nadine

Life constantly throws you curve balls however Travis has made his home run to Nadine...

Rob and Barb are simply incredible at what they do. They captured our day perfectly and the final product exceeded all our expectations. Considering the quality of their product, the price was very competitive and we would have no hesitations recommending them to our friends and family.
— Travis + Nadine

The gold coast wedding venue of Braeside Chapel unites country charm with modern elegance close to the beaches of Broadbeach.  We had our first chance to film a wedding ceremony under Braeside’s ancient Camphor laurel tree.  The ceremony was just magical when Travis and Nadine released the butterflies, sometimes in a wedding shoot everything happens just right. I love this clip as it really captures the couple being themselves and the releasing of the butterflies was a wedding surprise to the bride : )