Caleb + Laura

"From the moment I met you, you've always had a place in my heart. You are my one true love, the one I can always rely on, the one I trust, the one I always want to be with".

Wow!!! cried, laughed and we watched that already 5 times haha that is just incredible!!! Thank you so so much.
— Caleb and Laura

Troy + Rachael

" Today surrounded by people that love us, I choose you Troy to be my husband. To stand by your side and sleep in your arms".

Video is absolutely amazing guys!

You’ve done a wonderful job we were blown away.
Thank you so much, cant wait to see more :-)
— Troy and Rachael

Wes + Jessica

"Through all the evenings and all of the days, a smile so bright, forever always, all of the planets from venus to mars, tonight we'll be dancing with a sky full of stars".

A stunning venue, a gorgeous bride and a talented groom that wrote and composed his very own personal thoughts down and created a song. Just a few moments that this couple and their guest will never forget when Wes and Jessica married on the 15th of December 2016 at the beautiful Spicers Peak Lodge.

We love it! So beautiful! The editing was fantastic, it all tied in so nicely. We had quite a few tears and watched it twice in a row :) ... I imagine we will have a few more viewings on the weekend too haha, it was so nice to relive the day again.
— Wes and Jess
From the outset, Barb & Rob were a delight to speak to. They showed genuine interest and excitement as they asked us about our love story, our engagement and our Wedding plans. They remembered every small detail we told them and used this knowledge to incorporate beautiful, sentimental touches into our video, which made it that little bit more personal and special. Rob and Barb have such passion and enthusiasm for what they do and it was a pleasure to be surrounded by their happy vibes on our Wedding day. Rob and Barb were there to capture everything, but in the most natural, unobtrusive way. We never felt like the camera was in our face, in fact by the time the Wedding was in full swing, we had totally forgotten the camera was even there. We were blown away by our Wedding trailer, the editing was amazing! Everything just flowed, it was so moving and it brought tears to our eyes. The main feature was even more incredible. It wasn’t just a solid block of film, it was once again edited with a flow that kept everyone’s attention and tugged at the heart strings. We especially loved how the speeches, dancing and ceremony came as additional individual files, so we can watch just those bits when we wish. If you want highly professional, caring, artistic videographers with a beautiful nature , then Fisheye Studios is where you’ll find them.
— Wes and Jessica

Chris + Rachael

A surprised proposal in Fiji..."You continue to surprise me, distract me and captivate me. I love your funny sense of humour , your wit and intelligence. I appreciate everything you do for me. Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me".

Hi Rob and Barb! The video is amazing! We love it! Thank you so much!
— Chris and Rachael

Dean + Melanie

"From the moment our paths crossed, you have surprised me, distracted me and captivated me. I have fallen in love with you.....again......and again."

From the very first moment we met Barb we knew we were in the very best hands. We were unsure at first if we wanted a videographer but I’m so glad we did! The videos are breathtaking. Communication was amazing, whenever we had a question or a moment of panic a quick email and everything was sorted. This was all before the wedding! On the day Rob and Barb were simply amazing. They had such a happy, calming effect on everyone. We enjoyed being around them so much! We’ve had so many compliments on how professional and kind they were but unobtrusive as well. They captured so many raw moments as we simply forgot they were there or didn’t even realise they were filming! We cannot thank Rob and Barb enough. They made our day so much fun and edited our memories in such a beautiful way, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you Rob and Barb, our videos are just amazing!!
— Dean and Melanie

Lucas + Tracy

"Thank you for wanting me as I am, for loving me and welcoming me into your heart. I know that our love will never fade, that we will always find strength in one another".

We love the video so much!!! Thank you and Rob made this video for us.
— Lucas and Tracy

The Wedding Dress there is only two important things to tick off first when planning your wedding day:

1.  The Wedding Dress   and   2.  The Wedding Venue

All the rest can follow throughout the time you have left to plan.  The wedding dress can be easy or can become overwhelmingly difficult.  You hear the stories of ‘the first one I put on’ or ‘its been months and I am still searching’.  A few simple steps to begin the search for the dress that you will walk down the isle in:

Start a scrapbook of the dresses you like.  Be open to what the bridal consultants get you to try on.  Shop early as it takes four to eight months to be produced and then there is the alterations after.  Setyour budget and stick to it

The wedding dress that Tracy wore was from When Freddie Met Lilly which is located in Brisbane with a bridal collection that is diverse in colour, fabrics and styles.  When Tracy walks through the tall hedges her dress just stole the hearts of everyone that was there, so subtle, simple, elegant and sexy.

Grant + Lara

"I know you probably find this hard to believe but I have adored you from the moment we met. It didn't take me long to realize that I would be the luckiest girl in the world if you chose me to be your wife".

We loved the video! It was stunning, you guys are incredible. It was so nice to re-live the day, it was so special and such a happy memory.
— Grant and Lara
We loved the video! It was stunning, you guys are incredible. It was so nice to re-live the day, it was so special and such a happy memory. Thank you again, it’s really beautiful we appreciate all of your hard work.
— Lara and Grant

Leigh + Kate

"Leigh...I adore you. I am so thankful you came into my life. You are unquestionably the man made to share and live this full life with me.

Hi Rob and Barb! Leigh and I have just watched it together - wow wow wow! Thank you both so much for capturing our day. It was day full of emotions and stress, but you both brought a sense of calm and professionalism and for this we are forever thankful!
— Kate and Leigh

Zlatomir + Biljana

There is nothing like a Serbian wedding ceremony, with the folklore songs serenading of the bride at the church, the beauty of the church and the quietness, subtle movements of the priest with the couple that steeps with the solemn sacrament of marriage. The candles symbolise the perpetual light of Christ.  The climax would have to be the crowning which is the sign of glory and honour.  Before the couple take their first steps together the priest ties the right hands, the act signifying ‘oneness’.  Once outside the heart thumping kolo dancing begins with Zlatomir and Biljana it was joined with fireworks and so so so much more...

Dylan + Kauai

Dylan and Kauai met each other at the end of the runway in Nauru. They both acknowledged an instant attraction to each other and the rest is now history.

Wow! We absolutely love it! Thank you so much once again for capturing our big day. So many emotions re-living it through the video. We can’t stop watching it 😍
— Dylan and Kauai

Josh + Ali

Josh and Ali were asked what was it that made them fall in love with each other. Ali said, "it was because of how special Josh makes me feel every day". Josh said, "I fell in love with her smile, her uncontrollable fits of laughter,I know there is nothing that could stop me from loving her for the rest of my life."

Thank you so much, we love it, we’ve already watched it four times!
— Josh and Ali

Thomas + Jade

"Jade, I adore you and love you more as each day passes. I promise to always give you the best of myself and to ask of you no more than you can give. I always share with you my innermost feelings.....secrets......and dreams.

Ok, now that we have both stopped crying... thank you! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us, for your warm and friendly presence on the day and for creating such a precious record of so many love-filled happy moments we will treasure for many years to come. When we first discovered your work, we were inspired by your creativity and we so appreciate the flair and style you have used in the creation of our video. Thank you again for your wonderful work.
— Thomas and Jade

Brides are getting smarter!  The one great thing about working in the wedding industry is the metamorphosis of planning your wedding venue.  Long gone are the traditional wedding reception held in a hotel conference room with its up lights and white linen table cloths with white chair covers with a matching ribbon to your bridesmaid dresses.  Thankfully we are seeing a huge move towards having your wedding reception in a community hall.  Brides it is a blank canvas, where you can spend more money on the styling instead of the hire of the venue.  Bring in your own caterers, have a burning fire pit for guests to mingle around, stay on the property. The Byron Bay wedding of Thomas and Jade was held on 400 acres at Midginbil Hill, which is an old working cattle farm with some amazing views with a country style barn. They brought in their caterer Francisco’s Table from Byron Bay.  Finally your wedding day is so much more your creation when doing it this way and lets just say a lot cheaper too!

AJ + Marnie

School yard sweet hearts are married at the Mudgeeraba Showground on the Gold Coast. Two teachers who fell in love at first sight and were married in front of there family and friends and an ice cream truck : )

When I think about our wedding day, what stands out most are the moments captured by Rob and Barb that we’ve been able to re-live. Your wedding day is such an adrenaline-fuelled blur of moments and without our wedding video, most of those beautiful moments would’ve been just that- momentary. Rob and Barb are the epitome of professionalism, check-in constantly throughout the lead-up to the big day and are genuinely committed to knowing your story and making magic with it. Our sneak-peek (cinematic trailer) was everything we had hoped for and more- and that was only the beginning of the products we ended up with. On the day, Rob and Barb blend into the background and work in a completely fluid, non-intrusive way whilst capturing all the little moments and details that you want to remember. They’re more than videographers (at one point I remember seeing Barb helping our stylists set up our dessert table)- they are there for the whole experience and just make it work. We feel so honoured and privileged to have worked with Rob and Barb, and are loving ourselves for making one of the best decisions of our lives (a huge call, but there’s no exaggeration here). If you’re a bride or groom considering a wedding videographer, I encourage you to think with your heart and invest in this decision with Fisheye Studios. It will be worth its weight in gold in the long run. Thank you, Rob and Barb- we’re forever grateful! x
— AJ and Marnie

After many years filming weddings we are very rarely surprised with new inventive way to add a different element to your wedding day, however Marnie and AJ nailed it by having a wedding ice cream truck arrive during their bridal party photo session.  The couple had many children at their wedding day and once that familiar tune started playing the race was on for your favourite ensemble.  A great new idea to rival the canapes!